Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Back

Having trouble still finding a photoblog that will post larger pictures that I take with my camera. I have somewhat given up and am going to begin posting again with the crappy blogger templates. Sorry if the current pics are dumb and stretched or whatever it is they are doing....

until then...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grandma....forever loved....

My Grandma passed away several weeks ago and although funerals can be very sad, we felt somewhat celebratory as she was 98 years old and suffering from dementia and discomfort..we also celebrated because it brought us all together again...

my mom and dad

our immediate family...my brothers and sisters and all of their kids (I only added two kids to this brood I might add...

my family and my dad's two brothers and their families

Fun at John and Beth's

Matt loving on Mimi

Chris Botti and Architecture make me think of Heaven.

We went to Chicago in May to see Chris Botti perform at the historical Chicago Theatre.
There were moments in that concert that I honestly felt like those scenes from The Matrix.
The ones where the bullets fly through the air and time almost completely stops but not all the way...you know which ones I'm talking about?
I wasn't to jazzed up about this trip; it was going to be hectic; mother's day weekend, hard time finding childcare for the kids, lots of driving, very little sleep....
But those moments listening to several of the most acclaimed musicians in the world...brought a Matrix moment for me...
I didn't breathe for several seconds at a time and all I could think of is that when I get to heaven, that music ...that is all I'll want to do. I'm sure of it...listening for hours.
It's hard to get excited about going to concerts; partly because I studied it for far too many years....but I have made a new commitment to seek out great music and find it and ENJOY it.

And of course, we stayed at the historic Palmer House Hilton.
I loved the light fixtures and this brass window lock.
And of course, the world famous lobby...

Oh, yeah, and 15 years of marriage to Matt is kinda cool too.
That is why we were there...
We are going to Hawaii next summer for our REAL celebration..
but a night listening to Chris Botti live, almost beats Hawaii....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching Up...Glimpses of Spring in Atlanta...Florida Trip

Here is a little glimpse of spring from our visit to my cousin Aaron's condo in Atlanta.
We had a really really great time with them...

It was refreshing to catch up with them and realize what great friends we would be if we lived closer and the importance of keeping in touch now.....

Then below are some fun ones of our time in Florida with Grandpa and Grandma...

I really hate blogger...have no idea why it is deciding to underline my font...this is exactly why I kinda avoid blogging...I get soo frustrated...oh well..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I turned 36 last Friday and I see myself in pictures and wonder where the time has gone. I was alone in my kitchen and pretending to be some model but all I ended up with was a wrinkly top lip. This is me in my 36 year old glory. But you know, there are some really great things about getting older:

1. I don't worry about dumb stuff as much
2. I love Matt in a much much deeper way.
3. I don't worry about money nearly as often
4. I don't change diapers OR buckle carseats anymore.
5. I have a deeper appreciation for the institution of the family by enjoying mine soo much as they begin to feel and think and have opinions of their own
6. I have a deeper and greater respect for my mom and dad.
7. My boobs have gotten bigger as I've aged....that's a plus
8. I've conquered a mammogram
9. I've set some really important goals and met them.
10. I feel more inclined to meet the ones I haven't met as an urgency of time comes upon one when they age.
11. I don't expect as much out of life in a good way.

Its been a really really good 36 years.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Had to go next door and take pics of these.
We got some bad news regarding a family member's health tonight.
Taking pictures of these perfect tulips...
made me remember our Perfect Creator.
He made these out of an ugly looking onion-like bulb.
And holds our dear Grandpa Dave in the palm of His hand.