Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun times in the condo....

We stayed on the 14th floor...(there were only 15...) and at first it scared the crap out of me but I got used to it...Here is a summary of what we did. We had a BLAST on the three rainy days. I think those were the best of the days, honestly. We just hung out and had a really great time.


I....Read...."The Story of Edgar Sawtelle". One day, I read this book and laid right here in this bed for about four hours!!!!

Matt and Lulabear hanging out.

Seashell sorting on the balcony.

No....this wasn't our condo. This was "Souvenier City", a seashell tchotchke hell where the kids bought hermit crabs and literally one day played with them for three hours on the balcony where they set up hermit crab land.

Here they are with Lola (who has already died, God rest her soul) and Plummet (who got her name because when Lula bear picked her up she dropped her about 5 feet....she is still alive by the way.)

Game night. We did this several mornings/evenings and have decided to make it a regular part of our week. We did it tonight as a matter of fact.
Our favorite game was "Go Nuts" that is a complete blast and only lasts for about 10 minutes and can be played with up to four players. ANY AGE would love this game. It is 4.99$ at Target and can be found at the endcap in the toy section where the playing cards are found. Better than that it all fits into a tiny little playingcard sized box and only has about 9 dice and a scorecard!!!

Breakfast....pancakes and sausage on the balcony...

And here, I am trying my best to get a decent picture of the three of them. This best represents what we did. Just goofing around, hanging out together on the bed playing games, snuggling, watching the Disney channel....just enjoying each other's company. Can I say how much I loved this vacation one more time!!!???

Matt ruined this one...

Lulabear ruined this one....

And Chlobug....what the heck is up with her eyes!??

I GAVE UP!!!! Fake sleeping and I just turned the camera off...


Lily Pad PR November 3, 2008 at 6:41 PM  

These are so fun !!!
You all look like you're having a blast in spite of the rain :)

Matt- where's your sports bra at? I beat you in all sizes hand down- boobies & baby bump- I win! You're a dork and like to show off your man boobs too much!

I don't think I've ever seen the girls smile so much :) Your heart must be plastered with undying joy and small catches of breath from seeing their smiles shine :)

You sound so peaceful- even when you might not be, you sound so peaceful, and I'm so grateful and relieved for that for you. (i know-kooky grammar)

What a great bonding experience- seriously.